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How to determine the price of Solid Surface

When it comes to pricing Solid Surface, their are a number of factors that can affect your price, so it is important to consider these factors to help ensure you get the best value for your budget. The main factors to consider are the following:


As you can imagine, the first thing that would come into consideration on a price is the size of the product. The bigger it is, the more it is likely to cost. But an important factor to consider is the sheet yielding. A solid surface sheet usually comes in sizes around 3660 x 760mm, so try to refer to this when deciding on the size of your product. The less sheets used the lower the cost for materials.


Colour is a huge factor to consider for more than one reason.


The first thing to consider with the colour of the sheet is that it determines the price direct from our supplier. The cost on colour is usually affected on the "busyness" of the sheet. If the colour has a lot of speckles or a veined pattern, it is likely to be on the high end of the price groups.

The second thing to consider with the colour of the sheet is that it can affect the manufacturing time. If the colour chosen was a darker colour, this would need much more time in manufacture to get the desired finish. The material arrives to ourselves unfinished, therefore our skilled fabricators will need to gradually sand your product to bring it up to the correct finish. The darker the colour is, the longer it takes to finish.


And the last thing to consider with the colour of the sheet is veining. Any sheet that has a veined pattern, can cause the sheet wastage to be higher. When having a veined product, you would like the vein to flow through the product fluently, which may lead to larger amounts of the sheet being wasted. the more veined the sheet, the more waste that is likely to be unused. 


Complexity is something that can affect the price of any product. As you would imagine, the more complex the product the higher the cost is likely to be. Because solid surface has so many fabrication capabilities, such as thermoforming and backlighting, there is plenty of opportunity to develop a very complex product.

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