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Durasein Meteor Shower

Durasein Meteor Shower

Durasein PAW022 Meteor Shower Solid surface


    Hi, we’re Durasein. We make solid surface for people with big, bendy, twisty ideas. Come this far down the rabbit hole? That’s probably you.

    Our founders love getting involved, influencing production and dreaming up new applications for our surfaces. “This might sound crazy…” is our favorite brief.

    As solid surface people, creativity runs through our core, driving the work we do everyday. Nice to the environment. Nicer to your budget. We’re helping creativity flow in over 55 countries.


    Our refund and return policy can be found in our terms & conditions. As this is a free of charge sample, refunds or returns would not be acepted.


    Some of our samples may need despatching from our suppliers. We will aim to get your samples sent across ASAP as we use a 1st class delivery service, but please be patient and we will do our very best!

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